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Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe
- H.G. Wells

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This phase sees the introduction of a number of changes, the most important being in the area of assessment.

Formal testing forms part of continuous assessment and marks are obtained from a range of learning areas, e.g. tasks, practical work, books, group work and from certain processes.

Assessment reports are sent out.    A detailed assessment containing the breakdown of marks and competencies is sent out at the end of the fourth term.

Appointments are made with parents at the end of each term to discuss the progress of learners.

The curriculum consists of Literacy, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology, Art & Culture, Life Orientation and Economic Management Science.   Bible Education is taught in all classes.    The tone of such lessons is non-denominational.    A child may be excused from such classes provided that a written request is made to the Principal.

The scholastic assessment of the child is done on a continuous basis throughout the year.   From Grade Four upwards, there are various assessments, i.e. tests.    Each test is based on a section of the work done in that particular subject to date.    In this way, the child is revising work and is being fully prepared for formal examinations.   Examinations are written in November from Grade Four upwards.


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