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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one
- Malcolm Forbes

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Pre Primary

Pre Primary educators

At Milkwood Pre Primary we strive to guide our learners through their formative years in an informal yet very structured environment. All learning is done through play – play that is structured optimising every learning opportunity to the full.

Our focus is on the development of the whole child. We cater for their emotional, social, physical, spiritual and cognitive developmental needs. Our programme is structured in such a way that all our learners are able to achieve their best. Our main aim is to develop self-confident, inquiring and eager learners for whom no challenge is ever deemed too tough.

We have two Grade R classes (5 year olds) and one Grade RR class (4 year olds). Our educators are professionally trained Grade R teachers. We follow the Outcomes Based Curriculum as prescribed by the National Department of Education.

Physical development activities are offered daily outside in our large garden play area. Sensory activities take place daily in our four sand play areas and at our water play areas. These are also the areas in which many mathematics concepts are discovered. All learning is incidental, playful, fun filled and non-threatening allowing each and every child the opportunity to explore and make new discoveries at their own pace and stage of their development.

Our three well equipped play rooms are divided into various play areas that encourage learners to develop their social and cognitive skills. Co-operative play is encouraged in the house corner, the block area and the construction games play area. Cognitive skills are developed in the numeracy area, the literacy area, the book corner, the educational games area and at the nature table.

Creative activities are set out for the learners daily. These activities are structured according to the developmental stages of the learners allowing everyone to express themselves creatively and achieve success. The necessary pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths skills needed to progress in Grade One are being developed in a fun and informal manner. It also encourages the development of a positive self image and self confidence. Painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and play dough, using a wide variety of media and materials, are offered daily. Learners are encouraged to use their own initiative, experiment, work independently, solve their own problems and complete all the tasks set out for them.

Numeracy and Literacy activities are done in small groups, allowing for individual attention for learners from the teacher. Activities presented are structured to develop from the concrete to the abstract.

The learning programme is divided into weekly themes. The interest table forms the focus of the learning for the week. Each morning is started with a discussion ring during which the theme of the week is discussed. Learners learn about themselves, their environment, their community and the world around them. They are encouraged to share their own experiences, express their own opinions and interact appropriately within a group by showing respect for the opinions of others.

Music lessons are presented on four days of the week and a movement or physical education lesson on the fifth day. Songs, dance, drama and rhythm are enjoyed at music time. Ball games, obstacle courses, hoops, skipping, etc. are enjoyed during movement.

Each day is ended with a story which serves to consolidate the learning that has taken place during the day. A love for reading and all we can learn from books is encouraged.


7:30 - Arrival -free play inside the classroom and outside in the garden
8:30 - Morning ring – Devotions
Theme discussion
9:00 - Creative Activities
10:00 - Snack Time
10:20 - Music / Movement
10:40 - Literacy Lesson
11:00 - Free play – inside the classroom and outside in the garden
11:40 - Rest
11:55 - Numeracy lesson
Educational games
12:40 - Story Time
13:00 - Our day ends

As part of our programme outings are undertaken as reinforcement of our themes. Highlights are the outings to the farm, our annual athletics against Park Pre Primary, our trip to the Fire Station and the visits from the Traffic Officer and the Ambulance team.


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