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Helpful Hints


School Hours

Monday – Thursday: Grade 1 and 2 : 07:25 – 13:00, Grade 3 – 7 : 07:25 - 14:00
Friday: Grade 1 and 2 : 07:25 – 13:00, Grade 3 - 7 : 07:25 - 13:40

School starts each morning at 07:25.Your child is late if he arrives at 07:25!  Try to be at school by 07:20.

Money. Please see that any money sent to school is in an envelope or bank bag, clearly marked with your child’s name.

Covering books.    Please invest in a good supply of clear plastic with which to cover books.   These will be sent home in one’s and two’s and only plastic is to be used.   Once we start the Individual Reading System, kindly see that the book your child is currently reading, is also covered in plastic.    Please return book the next day!

Appointments.      Please write a note to the teacher via the homework diary asking for a date and time for an appointment   NO PARENTS ALLOWED TO VISIT EDUCATORS DURING TEACHING TIME!

Toys.  We do not encourage the bringing of toys to school as they get lost.   (Guns in any shape or form are
simply confiscated!)

Boys.  Neatly trimmed, off the collar and eyes.   No “mushroom” steps.   A distinction is made with certain cultures that have their heads shaved.    Children of European descent are not advised to have their hair shorter than what is termed as a “number three” cut as the head is then exposed to the sun’s rays.    No attachments or gel/conditioner etc. that will enhance and untidy hair style.    No "German" or "English" cuts are allowed. Dreadlocks and colouring of hair is not permitted

Girls.  Hair to be worn with white or navy blue hair accessories. Extensions only by permission from Governing Body and Principal.

Lost property.    All items belonging to your child should be clearly marked with your child’s name.    Please
remember to mark shoes and all sport equipment.   At the end of each term, all unclaimed items are donated to the
second-hand clothing shop.

Newsletters.   Are issued to learners on a regular basis.   Please ensure that you receive your copy so that you
are informed of the latest school happenings.  Certain issues contain very important information and if requested,
please return the reply slips on or before the stipulated due date.

Parent Orientation Evening.   Parent orientation evenings for the parents of children
in each Grade are held during the course of the first term.   At these meetings, parents are given a broad outline
of the work that their children will be doing during the course of the year.

The evenings provide opportunities for parents to meet their children’s educators. Educators are able to
discuss the various matters with regard to the classroom situation, for example homework, projects, extra-mural
programme etc.   Parents are welcome to ask questions of interest or concern.    Parent Orientation Evenings help to ensure an educationally successful and happy year at school.

PTA.     Moms and Dads are encouraged to participate and help where necessary, as fund-raising activities are vital.

Sport Skill clothes.     May be purchased from the office on Tuesdays and Fridays until 13:00.  

Office Hours.    Payments or any money related matters can only be made until 13:30, Mondays to Thursdays,
and until 13:00 on Fridays.

Educational day trips and tours.    So much education of true value occurs beyond the school gates.   
Accordingly, the children are taken on day trips and educational tours.    Educators aim to take learners from
Grade One to Grade Six on an average of one one-day trip per term.

Educational tours lasting from three to five days are arranged for Grade 7 learners.   The tours are to places such
as Schoeman’s Poort and Cape Town.

Governing Body.     Elections are held once every three years.   Parent expertise is greatly valued from all
sectors of the community.    Parents are co-opted where necessary.

Homework.     Parents are requested to ensure that prescribed homework is done every day.   The child records the
homework in the diary.   Once the parent has perused the homework, kindly sign the diary.    The diary is a form
of daily communication between the home and the school.

House Team and House points.      Every child is allocated to a House (green, red, yellow) for various scholastic,
cultural and sporting activities.   The aim is to encourage friendly competitiveness in the spirit of true
sportsmanship.    Brothers and sisters are placed in the same House.

School Fees. Fees are determined by the Governing Body and ratified at the Annual Governing Body Report Back and Budget Meeting. Our ethos is to keep the learner/ educator ratio to educationally sound levels. Therefore we remunerate educators from school funds and payments need to be made punctually as follows:

1. ONE payment at the beginning of the year within the first two weeks.
2. QUARTERLY payments within the FIRST TWO WEEKS of the new term.
3. MONTHLY (cash) at the office, electronic transfers or debit order facility BEFORE the 7th day of each month.

Fees are payable over 10 months with the first payment due at the start of school in January. Final payment NO LATER than end of October of each year.

For safety reasons we would like to encourage parents to please make use of electronic payment, debit order or direct deposits into our bank account. For further details please contact the office.

Arrangements must be made at your bank if making use of debit order facilities. Banking details as follows: FIRST NATIONAL BANK, MOSSEL BAY BRANCH CODE 210314. ACCOUNT NO. 53080023972. A copy of the debit order must be handed in at the office or faxed to 044-6911465.

Parents who are experiencing financial problems are requested to contact the office to make an appointment with the Principal. Defaulters are handed over to the attorneys regularly during the course of the year. (School’s Act – Funding of Public Schools 39/40/41).

Transport. As our own transport is limited, sport and outdoor excursions are areas where help is greatly appreciated. Where the need arises, special arrangements are made with a local transport company.

Tuckshop. We have a well-stocked tuck shop, which is run on a private basis. The tuck shop is open from 09:50 to 10:20 and 12:00 – 12:15 every day where lunch and refreshments can be bought. The lunches vary from day to day.

Dress Code. The appropriate school uniform is compulsory for every learner. Information available from office.

Cell Phones. Cell phones are not allowed at school. In extreme emergency, permission must first be obtained from the Principal.


The appropriate school uniform is compulsory for every learner.  Please note the following carefully:


BOYS:     Grey shorts;  white open-neck, short-sleeved shirt with badge;  long navy socks, black shoes.   Tracksuit (available from office) ONLY on sports days with golf shirt and white or blue takkies.

GIRLS:   White open-neck, short-sleeved shirt with badge;  navy skirt; short navy socks, black shoes.  Tracksuit (available from office) ONLY on sports days with golf shirt and white or blue takkies.


BOYS:   Grey long trousers; V-neck navy jersey; white open-neck short-sleeved shirt with badge;  long   navy  socks, black shoes; (Ackermans, Pep Stores, Woolworths)   Milkwood windbreaker available from Monties.   Tracksuit (available from office) ONLY on sports days with golf shirt and white or blue takkies
GIRLS:    White   open-neck   short-sleeve shirt with badge,  navy skirt/grey pants; V-neck  navy  jersey;   navy socks; black shoes; (Ackermans, Pep Stores,  Woolworths.  Milkwood windbreaker available from Monties).
Tracksuit (available from office) ONLY on sports days with golf shirt and white or blue takkies

School badges are available from the office at a nominal fee.    School uniform checks
will be carried out regularly.  This is done to ensure a proud and uniform school.

SCHOOL BAG: Navy Blue or Black


Milkwood golf shirt;  navy shorts for boys/skorts for girls;  school socks and white or blue “takkies”.    The school tracksuit supplements this uniform.   Sport uniform must be worn on the Sports days. A combination of jersey and tracksuit pants or tracksuit top with school uniform, is not permitted.


Tracksuits, caps, golf shirts, shorts, skorts and badges are purchased from the office






Milkwood Primary School is a co-educational public school. Children of primary school-going age are considered for admission to the school. The school is privileged in having children of many cultural and religious backgrounds.

The Governing Body and professional staff have formulated the admission policy. The policy states:

  1. The applicant should be able to converse confidently in English;
  2. The applicant should be age-appropriate and school ready.
  3. Preference will be given to learners from English homes and from Milkwood Pre-Primary School.

The child is requested to spend an orientation period before admission to Milkwood Primary. The orientation is an opportunity to help identify any particular need and/or strengths of the newcomer. Such information helps to ensure that the child’s education will be personally relevant and individualized.

A child may be admitted into Grade One provided that the seventh birthday has been reached by the end of the year. This directive will be in accordance with Departmental Policy. Younger learners will only be admitted:

  1. If space permits
  2. All parties are satisfied that scholastic and emotional requirements have been met.

The following documentation MUST be submitted on application:

  1. Certified copy of birth certificate or Identity Document;
  2. An up-to-date municipal inoculation certificate;
  3. If learner is transferring from another school, a Transfer Card issued by that school – no application will be considered without a Transfer Card.
  4. Latest assessment/report card.


An information brochure such as this might leave certain questions unanswered, particular to your child and family. Please contact the school if you require further details.

Alternatively….. pay us a visit. You would be most welcome!


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